“ Merge has been a critical partner for us as we have grown our e-business platform over the last five years.” - Danny Shenkman, eChannel Manager
Eli Lily Canada Inc.

Reach. Enable. Engage.

MERGE works with healthcare and medical industry clients to reach key customer stakeholders and achieve the desired frequency of engagement for their brands within their target market segments.

MERGE Rx enables marketing, sales and brand teams to engage their “customers” via online initiatives through a range of programs. These online initiatives provide our clients with meaningful reports and insights that demonstrate a strong return on investment.

The MERGE Rx platform allows our clients to serve a multi-segmented audience, which empowers your business with the ability to address the needs and interests of diverse customer groups from one integrated communications and marketing platform. This saves you time, money, and provides you with critical customer insights, trends, and reports that show program uptake by territory mapped to user class.

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Solutions Highlights:


Online self directed detailing, document sharing, marketing material,…

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Online Advisory Boards (KOL’s) to support your relationships with key opinion leaders through online applications enabling them to disseminate new product information and clinical trial results to boost more efficient, cost effective care to increasingly empowered patients.

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Drive online collaborative health networks that may be affiliated with an association, medical institution or a research organization enabling information workflows for facilitating new patient care solutions.

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Enhance your capability and performance by more effectively communicating with healthcare professionals and potentially being able to tap into this knowledge base to create a closed social network of healthcare practitioners communicating to patients.

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Create patient support networks that maybe affiliated with an association or any medical institution to share information on conditions, treatments and communicate experiences with patients.

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Utilize social tools to push content to customized groups from healthcare professionals to research partners over multiple channels; email, web, and mobile.

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E-Learning has been an area that MERGE has been working in for several years now, delivering solutions to clients across healthcare verticals.

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