What people are saying about MERGE

 "I'm really impressed with the software that they have and the friendliness and the functionality of it, the cooperation of the staff that I've had dealings with, and indeed with the very short timeframe in which they've been able to achieve what to me are close to miracles."
- Bob Wells, Web Development Project Manager at Roche Canada

F. Hoffman-La Roche employs more than 60,000 people and sells its products in over 150 countries.

Roche Canada wanted to deploy Website portals directed at doctors who could register to receive detailed and up-to-date information on the specific conditions associated with individual products.

Roche sales staff would also be able to access the portal to download the latest marketing materials and information. The solution needed to be easy-to-use as it would be run by non-technical Product Managers and other marketing staff.

Currently three product divisions within Roche Canada use the Merge Portal solution. This Portal technology enables Roche to use one consolidated system to communicate to any defined user group (internal employees, external partners, or the public), that used to be serviced by disparate web systems.

Marketing personnel have total control over the creation of content, which then moves into an electronic workflow for approval. This electronic process allows for the approval and posting of content to take place within the day as opposed to several weeks. Each approved piece of content may now be directed to specific user groups and reduces the workload of the IT department.

Roche also uses their system as an e-learning platform for video and training manuals that are centrally located for internal employees.

Roche has been able to reduce their traditional web costs by 66%, eliminate their IT support requirements with regards to the publication of web content and website management while improving their sales. Information can be leveraged to multiple audiences and the portal allows internal and external users to collaborate within groupware tools.