What people are saying about MERGE

 "We are very pleased with the work MERGE has done, as the National Advisory Board went very well with the presentation of the results."
- Sigrun Lewis, Sr. Product Manager - Daxas, Nycomed Canada Inc.

Nycomed is a privately owned, global mid-sized pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company employs 12,500 associates worldwide and has affiliates in more than 70 countries, bringing medicines that matter to patients worldwide.

Nycomed has a strong presence in Europe and in fast-growing markets such as Russia/CIS, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. In the US and Japan its products are available through best-in-class partners. Nycomed encourages an entrepreneurial spirit in all of their employees, regardless of rank or division within the company.

Nycomed is a place to bring – and become – your very best. They provide a positive work environment and believe in recognizing outstanding accomplishments among teams and individuals.

Nycomed was looking to extend the use of the successful DAXAS™ Online Advisory Board Portal by using it to support the upcoming Nycomed DAXAS™ Regional Consultancy Meetings. The content had to be housed in the same secure environment and allow for the easy administration of new content, including downloadable resources, questionnaires and user management. User reporting was a critical component as it had to be collected and then rapidly turned around into a detailed graphical representation of the data.

Based on the requirements, MERGE extended the existing MergeRx™ tool set for a new group of users, along with new interactive surveys and custom analytics. MERGE modified the login process so that upon login, a user would automatically be redirected to the appropriate content section based on user group credentials. After capturing the data, MERGE quickly converted it to a graphical presentation outlining the comparisons between the data from the entire group of respondents and the data between individual regions.

The core benefits of the DAXAS™ Online Advisory Board program were to facilitate an increased dialogue with key stakeholders and provide analysis back to the brand team on those interactions. These benefits were realized through the deployment of user management, content and digital asset management applications allowing for an integrated e-channel solution focused on delivering content and assets to predetermined user groups.

The MergeRx™ platform enables Nycomed to use one consolidated system to support Advisory Boards across the country. The DAXAS™ Online Advisory Board Portal has allowed Nycomed to work together with MERGE quickly and efficiently by being able to extend the core online tool set for the needs of multiple advisory boards.