What people are saying about MERGE

"We chose MERGE to deliver our employee Intranet portal solution because of MERGE's experience and the depth of the platform. The rapid deployment capabilities allowed us to enjoy the benefits of a common platform faster than we could have with the other solutions we were considering."
- John Hynes, IT Manager for The Beer Store

The Beer Store is a distributor of beer products for the Province of Ontario. Its distribution network involves more than 400 stores and multiple warehouses. The Beer Store required a solution which would allow them to effectively communicate and deliver information assets at the store and warehouse level. In addition to the delivery of information The Beer Store also required the deployment of a comprehensive reporting system to allow management to understand what assets were being viewed by staff.

The Beer Store has leveraged the MERGE Platform to enhance their communications and content management abilities from their head office out to their employees at warehouse and store locations.

The Beer Store, with the assistance of MERGE, has undergone a business process change to embrace the digital delivery of content (memorandum, inter office mail, marketing materials, pricing documents, etc.) through the MERGE Platform.

Beer Store locations have not required any special software, as the MERGE Platform solution is accessible with any standard Web browser. Within the system, The Beer Store has integrated several legacy applications with plans to integrate others.

The Beer Store has realized hard cost savings with the reduction of paper based documents, which were being couriered out to their 400+ store locations and managers. Information is now electronically available to approximately 7000 employees and the timeliness associated with the traditional publishing/delivery process has been reduced from 14 days to 3 days.

Additionally, the auditing capabilities provided by the software now allows management to determine which content is being viewed by who and when.