What people are saying about MERGE

 "Sometimes we can be a demanding customer. All through the development and implementation process MERGE was responsive to our unique needs and provided us with exactly what we needed."
- Steven D. Ness, President, Surety Association of Canada

The Surety Association of Canada (Surety) was formed in June 1992 to act as "The Voice of Surety in Canada". Its membership consists of major bonding companies along with members from the insurance brokerage community, legal fraternity and other industry related entities.

The Surety Association of Canada was formed by a group of companies who believed that the surety industry needed a voice that was independent of its cousins in the insurance industry. Until that the Insurance Bureau of Canada had assumed the role of industry advocate for suretyship on behalf of its member firms.

Surety needed to re-deploy their online presence on a platform based CMS (Content Management System). The system would also allow them to scale their needs to include closed networking, communications management, and user management, secure document management, polls and surveys, and web forms management. Lastly, the solution had to be managed by non technical staff with a minimum of training.

After reviewing the requirements MERGE recommended that Surety utilize the standard MERGE platform to deploy their new website. The platform would fulfill the bulk of the requirements “out of the box” without having to engage in a protracted and costly professional services engagement. After the new website launched Surety has been able to manage and develop the content and user base of their site with a minimum of support from MERGE. The only time MERGE has been involved is to provide some additional training support and also to delivered some minor modifications to ensure that the system continues to scale to Surety’s needs.

Over the past three years Surety has been able to easily and independently maintain their website. Realise capital savings on change web management. Improve and manage communications with their user base and scale their business needs without having to purchase additional software or plug-ins to do so.