What people are saying about MERGE

 "Had this technology not been in line with our business strategy we would have ended up paying more money more often for something that would have given us less. We are happy in our decision with the MERGE Platform."
- Patrick De Meester, VP, Finance, Salus Global  

Nissan continues its quest to optimize product development and deliver highly innovative technology. Today, in various countries and regions around the world, we enjoy a stellar reputation for creating truly innovative vehicles and service programs.

Nissan Canada needed to deploy a network of over 145 dealer websites, with centrally controlled brand, content and application management. The deployed solution needed to be easy-to-use with minimal training requirements, particularly in the case of the individual dealer users who may lack experience in managing software. The solution also needed to be deployed as a platform that would promote the future deployment of applications out to the dealers and the ability to support revisions of style, content and layout. Nissan Canada selected MERGE and its Meta Portal solution for its Web Dealer Project.

MERGE was called upon to deploy a platform that would not only address their immediate needs of cost reduction and brand management but, continue to support the future deployment of marketing campaigns to the dealers. MERGE was able to address these needs as well as the initial issues identified through discovery phases.

MERGE created an easy to use tool that allowed Nissan to deploy new dealer sites at a touch of a button. This capability was supported by other key pieces of functionality.

One of the key features that promoted Nissan to select MERGE was its style/brand enforcement tools. MERGE’s ability to support revisions of style, content, and layout consistent with the Nissan Brand was essential to this solution. MERGE worked seamlessly with Nissan’s external agency to promote consistent corporate branding. With MERGE’s web-based solution, look and feel, core content, and content structure was determined by Nissan Marketing, while local dealerships were able to create relevant local content to ensure that individual site information remained relevant to local users.

MERGE was able to assist Nissan to develop a meaningful web presence for its customers, which led to increased dealer site views and subsequently more people visiting the dealership. This program achieved many results for both Nissan and its dealer network:

  • Reduced support costs for both dealers and corporate groups
  • Reduced time-to-market for marketing campaigns
  • Increased productivity for marketing groups and dealerships
  • Increased sales support across the entire dealer network
  • Achieved consistent branding and consistent delivery of content nation-wide
  • Customers and prospects received an up-to-date experience from their local dealership