What people are saying about MERGE

 "Our collaboration with Merge has been enjoyable; they bring a lot of good ideas to the table. Combined with their expertise in technology we look forward to working with them in the future. It is comforting to know that when we have a request it gets turned around quickly, I would definitely recommend their services to others looking to expand their online offerings."
- Steve Babiak, Global Product Strategy and Portfolio Development  
Lundbeck Screen

Live and in person advisory meetings are expensive and require a great deal of planning and internal resources to manage. The client team at Lundbeck wanted to launch a portal framework that would allow them to engage with their national Key Opinion Leader's (KOLs) on a more regular frequency throughout the year.

The site needed to be easy and intuitive to use for KOLs, presenting them with quick access to relevant content. The challenge was to create a community that would be secure and flexible from a content and user management standpoint as well as scalable for the inclusion of future brands. Reporting and analytics were also important as Lundbeck's client centric approach needs to be supported by tools which will determine adoption as well as value to the user.

After initial discussions with Lundbeck stakeholders MERGE proposed putting a scalable web portal in place to support the needs of various communications initiatives with Lundbeck KOLs. A secure and simple to navigate intuitive design was implemented providing feature sets such as online polling, digital asset management, feedback utilities and community applications was determined to be the most effective method of engaging KOLs through.

The key benefits of the program are to allow the Lundbeck brand team to engage with key stake holders regularly throughout the year. The MERGE platform has provided Lundbeck with a dynamic platform intended to accommodate a unified engagement methodology with the flexibility to alter content quickly based on user and brand needs. Supporting both English and French the system covers the breadth of activities and feedback required to properly manage and disseminate communications with KOLs.